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A Sincere Thank You and a Warm Welcome

Helen Meinzinger has completed her 2-year term as the Chair of the Kin Cystic Fibrosis Canada Liaison Committee. Her dedication and support for the CF cause have been unparalleled. Helen has been a terrific resource to the committee and we would like to thank her for all the energy, perseverance and passion during her 2-year term as Chair.  At the Kin Canada National Convention on August 18, Helen passed the torch to Tammie Corbett who will be Chair for the 2017-19 term; we wish her well for the exciting 2 years ahead.

We took the opportunity to interview both Helen and Tammie about their time with CF Canada so you can learn more about these amazing volunteers!


Helen Meinzinger


How has it been having the position of the Kin Cystic Fibrosis Canada Liaison Chair over the past few years? It has been an honour to get to know so many Kin from coast to coast and to see firsthand the work they are doing in their Districts to raise funds and awareness for CF.

What is your connection to CF? My beautiful 7 yr old son Kaiden has CF.

What has been the greatest highlight of being the Kin Cystic Fibrosis Canada Liaison Chair for you?  The entire journey has been the highlight. Being able to share our story, to educate, motivate and inspire my fellow Kin has been a gift. To see so many incredibly dedicated people, most of whom have no direct connection to CF, so passionate and driven to make a difference has inspired me to be better and has given me hope that we will one day celebrate together the end of CF.

Do you have any advice to the next Kin Cystic Fibrosis Canada Chair? You mean things I haven’t already told her? 😉 Bring to the role the same passion and dedication that you have brought to your last two years as a Service Director and you will be incredible! You live, eat, sleep and breathe Kin and you have brought that same drive to the fight to #ENDCF. I look forward to seeing the incredible things you do over the next two years and I am here for you just as Davina Thuroo was here for me.

Why do you think it’s important to support CF Canada? Kaiden Ames, Jordan Gardiner, Little John Bennett, Jamie Lafond, Andrew Crowley, Dave Van Beers, Victor and Audrey Ferguson….. all of these CF Warriors and so many more; we need to keep the drive alive to continue funding care, advocacy and research so they can one day witness a cure in their lifetime. This year we will have surpassed the 45 million dollars raised mark, what an incredible testament to the heart and dedication of Kin across this country. As our logo says, “Together for Life”.

What will #aworldwithoutCF mean to you? It will mean being able to look into my son’s eyes and telling him that all of our hard work and dedication has paid off and that no one else will ever have to suffer or lose their fight. It will mean the end of fear and uncertainty and it will be the moment I know that Hope has turned into reality, love has won out and dreams do come true.


Tammie Corbett (Incoming Kin CF Liaison Chair 2017-2019)

Tammie-corbett2What do you look forward to during your term as the Kin Cystic Fibrosis Canada Liaison Chair?

I look forward to meeting more CF Warriors and their families. I want to share their stories with fellow Kin across the country.  I will support the District Service Directors to encourage individuals, clubs, and Districts to plan and execute CF fundraisers.

What is your connection to CF?

I have been a Kinette for 10 years and was District Two Service Director for 2 of those years. By attending the Orientation and Development weekend hosted by CF Canada in Toronto I gained a base knowledge of the disease, learned about current research, and met some amazing individuals that either live with CF or a significant other (family member) of someone living with CF. I have been amazed to learn about the success that has been achieved through research in Canada.

What has been the greatest highlight for you thus far by being on the Kin CF Liaison Committee as a Kin Service director?

The greatest highlight is meeting the individuals who live the fight on a daily basis. I have been humbled to be able to talk with them and listen to their stories.  I have also experienced a great deal of pride in Kin Canada when I realized the difference each donation makes no matter the size. I believe that through our partnership we will see the end of this fight.

Do you have anything to say to the current Kin Cystic Fibrosis Canada Chair who is finishing her term?

Helen – Thank you for sharing your passion, your strength, your personal story and Kaiden. I know that you leave big shoes to fill but I also know that your support is always only a call/text/ email away. I was proud to work with you on the National Service Committee for two years. I take on the challenge to be an active participant in the fight and I look forward to celebrating with you when a Cure is Found.

Why do you think it’s important to support CF Canada?

The money raised by Kin Canada has been instrumental in allowing CF Canada to be a leading player in the fight to find a cure.

What will #aworldwithoutCF mean to you?

Taking a deep breath is something those without CF often take for granted. In a world without CF all the children will be able to fill their lungs to capacity and participate in many activities that are currently limited due to the disease.