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Advice To My Younger Self

Life is all about learning, and wisdom grows over time. But one of the great things of our close-knit community is that it is chalk full of wisdom! Today we’re asking CFers “What advice would you give your younger self?”:

  • “Exercise daily! It seems to maintain and improve my lung function.” – Jess Best
  • “Be diligent with meds and exercise. You’ll get past all of these obstacles.” – Rob Burtch
  • “If you can dream it, you can do it! CF is part of life but don’t let it define who you are or limit what you can do.” – Brenda Chambers-Ivey
  • “I would tell myself to not be embarrassed about having CF. I tried hiding it for so long, but as I’ve gotten older and my lifestyle has had to be rebuilt because of CF I cannot hide it anymore, so instead I embrace it and use my experiences to motivate me and be proud of what I’ve accomplished despite living with a chronic illness.” – Meaghan MacRury
  • “Perhaps less advice and more praise for not letting CF hold me back from pursuing my dreams in terms of finding an incredibly supportive husband, raising a family, and establishing a meaningful career. Because now I find myself surrounded by people I love and doing the things that I love.” – Megan Parker
  • “Make more of a priority of creating good habits of self-care, especially when it comes to physio! As an adult, it can be really hard to change the routines we have become comfortable with, so setting up good routines early is so helpful! Also, I would just encourage myself not to worry so much about the future – this is advice I’m still trying to follow!” – Terra Stephenson
  • “Interesting question for me… I would say; “do it again.” I was always involved in athletics; which led me to a life of caring very deeply about my health and well-being. It also led me to my passion of sharing the notion of healthy and active living. I strive to be present and thankful and offer kindness where ever possible (even in the smallest way). My life choices and career offered me the chance to nurture a zest in the “everyday moments” in life and choosing a positive perspective. My career gave me that every day – working with my students and athletes was nothing short or profound. I would say live and appreciate every day, take pause and be present. I have done this and continue to.” – Alex McCombes

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