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CF Summer 101

Are you enjoying the weather? With summer arriving, it’s a great time to kick back and relax, enjoy your summer to its fullest by staying healthy with these tips from our community:

  • “Wear your mask and do physio, always. Keep out of the sun, and exercise daily. Stay inside on smoggy days.” – Jess Best
  • “Water, sunscreen, and make sure you are aware of meds that make you vulnerable to the sun.” – Rob Burtch
  • “You can safely enjoy your fun in the sun by taking a few precautions. Always use sunscreen (many drugs can increase photosensitivity and increase your cancer risk), keep hydrated and make sure carry salty snacks with you (to keep your electrolytes in check). If you have CFRD make sure to carry snacks, sugar pills or candies with you also.” – Brenda Chambers-Ivey
  • “Don’t overdo it, it’s so easy to do in the summer with the beautiful weather…but the humidity really affects us. Try to stay hydrated, keep as cool as you can, and don’t be afraid to eat lots of salty snacks (that’s an upside of having CF…all the salty snacks you can imagine!) to replenish all the salt we lose during those hot months.” – Meaghan MacRury
  • “I will never regret investing in a ceiling fan in the bedroom, air conditioning, or black out blinds. These really help ensure that I am still getting quality sleep (which is essential for my CF) despite heat and long sunny days.” – Megan Parker
  • “In the summer, I make sure to have salty and sugary snacks with me in the car, and in my purse so that I can always deal with low sugars or salt. I also really try to drink as much water as possible. Having a water bottle always on the go helps me, as I just try to make sure that I empty it at least a couple of times in a day.” – Terra Stephenson
  • “Tips for thriving in the summer include; staying hydrated, choosing outdoor activities wisely and making sure I am on top of my nutrition. Hydration is so important for the maintenance of CF. I pay very close attention to any signs that may indicate low hydration (i.e. headache, cramping, irritability, anxiety and fatigue are a few I notice). Outdoor activities should be selected wisely if your breathing is more compromised. I do not do any strenuous activity on hot days anymore – I cannot. I pay attention to air quality, have a shaded refuge to retreat to and I consider proper hydration and electrolyte intake. As for nutrition, I make sure my blood sugar is on point, eat more water-crested foods and again… drink plenty of fluids.” – Alex McCombes

Have insights you would also like to share? To be quoted in our blog please contact Terra at tgillespie@cysticfibrosis.ca