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Creating Space at Home

Everyone loves some nesting, but you aren’t as likely to find a lot of Pinterest suggestions for creating space in your home to help you manage your CF. Here’s what some people take to heart when making their house a home:

  • “My wife, Susan, and I have created several different spaces in our home to facilitate my daily routine and care. My wife has organised small mobile carts, on each level of our home, that contain most of the care accessories that I need.  I have also been able to facilitate access to oxygen on all three floors.  I have an exercise space in my basement, where I find myself as much as I can, to keep a healthy and active lifestyle.  Lastly, we have an adjustable bed and recently put one on the main level to be proactive when this becomes more necessary. In addition to the aforementioned is preparedness for short travel.  I have a travel bag that includes things I may need while out. This is found in the same location always and usually updated. We approach this as a team (Susan and I). Organization, checking supplies and identifying needs is so important in being prepared for unforeseen circumstance.  This, for us, is a necessity and a comfort. Organization, and the knowledge of this, greatly reduces further anxiety for different situations. By being as “prepared” as possible we hope to ease care situations and emergency situations if they should arise.” – Alex McCombes
  • “Almost every Cystic Fibrosis person I know has a dedicated medicine cupboard! Ours is in the kitchen for easy access as I take most of my meds around meal times.  Comfort, comfort, comfort is the name of the game.  I am 14 years post double lung transplant, but after having spent so many years of being uncomfortable (pain, coughing, treatments, IV meds, PICC lines, etc.) everything in our house is geared to comfort and easy uncomplicated living.  Lots of pillows for lounging, cosy blankets for snuggling and a super cosy bed with high-quality soft sheets and a puffy duvet (non-allergenic of course). And we have a TV in the bedroom for those days you just can’t make it out of bed!” – Brenda Chambers-Ivey
  • “I keep all my meds together (besides the ones that have to be refrigerated) in a box that allows me to see them all at once so I can keep track of my inventory. I have a 12″ wedge pillow that I use to sleep with. You can get them at the pharmacy. It helps when I’m really filled up and coughing a lot at night.” – Jess Best
  • “I have compressors for my nebulized meds and a flutter/PEP on every level of the house to make it easier on myself to do my treatments wherever my family is hanging out during my meds time without needing to lug the big gear around the house.” – Megan Parker
  • “We have a spare bedroom that has been used when I am recovering or in pain. Also if my wife is sick really bad I can use it as well.” – Robert Burtch


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