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Five tips to help you feel your best over the holidays!

Stay on schedule: It can be really tempting around the holidays to break daily patterns. You might eat different foods in different quantities than normal; you might stay up late or sleep in. For a CF body, it can be very helpful to keep up your daily routine. This might mean taking your meds at your usual time, making time to take your nebulized medications, doing some physical therapy or wearing your vest to loosen and clear out mucus. Whatever you would do to get ready for your day—do it as you normally would.


Have you had enough to eat? When was the last time you had a glass of water? These questions are part of basic self-care but they apply to CF folks, especially for the ~30 percent of women and ~20 percent of men who are underweight. If you need a hand tracking your food and water intake, try using an app like MyFitnessPal. Just setting a reminder on your phone can help!

Hanger management: There are lots of outings and shared meals around holidays, and sometimes you won’t be in control of the content or timing of the meals. Make sure you have some CF-friendly snacks tucked away, and a bottle of your favourite sport drink. Those long car rides will limit your access to water!

Speaking of food, don’t forget: Your enzymes are super important around the holidays; because they help your body handle those rich foods that you eat less often. Consider having extra on hand to help your body handle higher-fat foods.


Sleeping anywhere but your own bed can be stressful and might mean you get less sleep, or have a less restful sleep. Bring items that will help you: One of your pillows, an eye mask, earplugs, your favourite jammies, or an extra blanket will all contribute to controlling your environment. Pillow forts are also acceptable holiday sleeping aids despite what your parents might say.