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How to Bounce Back from a Cold

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year where colds are being passed around non-stop. The average “how to bounce back from a cold” tips may not cut it for someone living with Cystic Fibrosis. So here are some tips from people who know what it’s like:

  • “My best tip would be to take it easy, skip school and lay on the couch all day watching Netflix while eating chicken noodle soup! Luckily, I don’t get colds very often, but when I do, I usually relax and take my medication.” – Emma Fontaine
  • “Make sure you are getting extra vitamins into your system and avoid sugary food that bacteria like to feed on. Also, find as many ways to relieve stress as you can as stress leads to inflammation. Such things as light recreation activities, yoga, swimming etc. And be sure to rest as needed. Make sure your hands are washed and sanitized as well.” – Rob Burtch
  • “When I get a cold, I really try to get on antibiotics early. It took me a long time to wrap my head around the idea that I’m not on the antibiotics to try to deal with the cold; I’m on them to deal with the other bacteria that have a field day while my body is busy dealing with the cold. The sooner I can get those under control, the less time I have to spend being sick, and I can usually avoid a hospital stay.” – Terra Stephenson
  • “Cold and Flu season is nasty! I try my very best to practice good infection control during this season. However, sometimes there’s nothing I can do to prevent that cold from coming. When I do get sick, I really listen to my body and get as much rest as possible! Trying to push myself when I don’t feel well is never a good idea, and it will always make things way worse. I have learnt that sleep, keeping my fluids up, and drinking loads of Ensure or some kind of protein shake are the best ways for me to get over colds quickly. And once I start to feel better it is really important to get back into my regular workout routine to move the last of the bad bugs.” – Mackenzie Norris
  • “Prevention is key; I have hand sanitizer in my purse and car at all times, and use it any time I’m finished at the grocery store, gas station, pharmacy, hospital etc. I also try to make sure I don’t touch my face before washing my hands if I’ve been out and about. As far as bouncing back from colds though, I think the tried and true techniques like lots of rest, fluids and TLC go a long way. If I’m worried the cold has gone down into my lungs (which happens basically every time), I contact the clinic and get on antibiotics early to nip things in the bud.” – Kim Wood