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Jessica’s Story

My name is Jessica Best-Grant. I live in Berwick, Nova Scotia with my husband, son, our dog and cat. I work as a registered veterinary technician at a busy, small animal practice.

I was diagnosed with CF at the age of four weeks. Growing up, my parents never let my disease run my life. It was merely treated as an inconvenience of daily treatments. I was allowed to do the things I wanted to (Girl Guides, horseback riding, sleepovers with friends, etc). I have only hospitalized a handful of times as a child. I always considered myself one of the “healthier” CF patients. I had pancreatic sufficiency on my side and tolerated flare-ups very well. I treated my disease with an “ignorance is bliss” attitude.

In recent years, my lung function has declined. Rather than CF being on the back of my mind, it is now in the forefront daily. My airways become irritated more easily now (making me cough) and I don’t tolerate a cardio workout (horseback riding) very well. It makes me tire easily from simple daily tasks (playing with my son, taking him to daycare, climbing a flight of stairs, almost anything that increases my heart rate). Even sleeping has become very difficult for me lately. Laying down and not actively breathing makes me cough. I am up in the night doing a Ventolin mask almost every other night.

There are many deserving charities to donate to this year and any time of the year. CF Canada holds a special place in my heart for obvious reasons. And not only do I suffer from this disease, but my brother does too. It seems with the new, impressive medications being developed recently for CF patients, they’re on a roll! These medications often target only specific gene mutations and cannot be used for all CF patients so there is still work to be done. If your donation could give the last push for the development of a superior medication to help relieve symptoms for me or my brother, it would be a game-changer! No: a life-saver!
I would really love to get back to my “ignorance is bliss” attitude. That can only be done if I can get this disease to the back of my mind rather than the front. Or, even better, cured all together! I would really love to stop wondering at what age my son will lose his mother. I would love to ride without stopping every five minutes!

Life is short and no one is guaranteed longevity, but those with CF have been dealt a poor hand. Your donation can help add some wild cards!

For Jess, and everyone else with CF, be the reason for a cure: http://bit.ly/2ADWJym