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Living with CFRD

November 14 was World Diabetes Day. We know that cystic fibrosis related diabetes is top of mind from a young age. Here is how CFRD impacts some of our community:

  • “I have CFRD with insulin since 2011. At that time, I weighed 120lb. Since then, I gained 40lb as the insulin did his job. My CF nutritionist was positively shocked, happy about how my body responded to the treatment. The only thing I hate about having CFRD is the loss of spontaneity… You know, being hungry and not able to eat everything without looking at my glucose level and counting carbohydrates ingested… It often stops me from eating. It may be good for my belly though!” – Yannick Poirier
  • “Be proactive. I got CFRD after transplant. Even though I struggle a lot with the disease I am constantly reminded to stay on top of things for the long run. We have had close friends suffer greatly from diabetes due to not wanting to change old habits. I try to eat healthily and exercise to combat the symptoms.” – Robert Burtch
  • “I have CFRD. I stay on top of this as much as I do any other part of my personal care. I want people to know that CFRD, like CF and diabetes independently, are worthy of research. I believe there is a cure for both. Lives could be greatly affected by this possibility coming to fruition. Hence, there is much merit in recognizing, supporting and investing into future research and medical advancements.” – Alex McCombes
  • “Having diabetes can be challenging enough on its own, but pair it with Cystic Fibrosis and let the games begin! Managing a strict medication regime (possibly including insulin), a diet low in sugar and high in calories can be very stressful. I have steroid induced diabetes (post lung transplant) and it was certainly a learning curve for me to be cognizant of what, and when I was eating after almost 40 years of being encouraged to eat anything, and everything in order to gain weight! But, Cystic Fibrosis people are masters at adapting to change. It took a little time, but now I know my blood sugar triggers and try to limit them as much as possible. Don’t deny yourself treats now and again. If not you might end up on a junk food binge and regret it.” – Brenda Chambers-Ivey

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