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Clinic information by location

Some cystic fibrosis clinics across Canada have made changes to how they operate during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some appointments are cancelled and some will be done by telephone or video conferencing. This is to protect both themselves and their patients. Click on your province or territory tab to learn how your local clinic is affected.


Adult Clinic:

Calgary - Foothills Medical Centre

  • The clinic is sending out regular COVID-19 communications and emergency planning to patients
  • For any communication not outlined, patients may contact the CF clinic with further questions
  • For after hours urgent/emergent issues, patients contact the CF doctor on call
  • The clinic is now calling CF patients, vs a physical clinic visit


  • Currently conducting telephone clinic visits
  • On-site physician assessment if necessary

Paediatric Clinic:

Calgary - Alberta Children’s Hospital

  • Clinics are cancelled until the end of April
  • Physicians/nurse have called all families; doing phone clinics
  • Team members can also talk to families with needs
  • PFT's have been cancelled
  • Urgent patients only are being seen
  • Sent letters to families with links to CF Canada and AHS for resources; updated as needed
  • Phone advice is still available Monday-Friday
  • Nurse Coordinator’s e-mail message notifies of changes to clinics
  • Clinic letter

Edmonton - Stollery Children’s Hospital

  • All clinic appointments have been switched to phone clinics
    • Phone clinics are ongoing for the month of April
    • No testing will be requested prior to the appointments; this includes bloodwork, sweat testing and pulmonary function testing
  • Unwell patients who are not able to be managed over the phone will be seen in person in the hospital
  • Communication with the clinic has not changed.  We are available to take all questions and concerns from families and care givers.
    • Please contact the CF Clerk (780-407-4897) or Nursing (780-407-8341 and 780-407-4791)
  • Please contact the clinic for any questions around COVID-19
  • This plan may change as health care works may be re-deployed into other clinical areas

Adult Clinics:

Victoria - Royal Jubiliee Hospital

  • Have implemented virtual health and plan to continue to see patients in this manner
  • Routine spiro/sputum etc will be deferred for the time being

Vancouver - St. Paul’s Hospital

  • All routine/follow-up clinic appointments have been rebooked with telehealth: Face-Time or Skype (Zoom pending)


Paediatric Clinic:

Vancouver - BC Children’s Hospital

Victoria - Victoria General Hospital

  • March clinics have been cancelled; in the process of setting up virtual clinics ongoing
  • The nurses are available by telephone and e-mail as families need

Adult Clinic:

Winnipeg - Health Sciences Centre

  • Routine follow ups cancelled for the upcoming 2 weeks [as of March 30]
  • Limiting patients in clinic; seeing patients if absolutely necessary
  • Nurse Coordinator and physicians are trying to assess patients by phone

Saint John Regional Hospital

  • Clinic is closed to regular clinic appointments
  •  We are checking in by phone; phone message changed with updates as they come in from the health network and CF Canada
  • Sicker patients are having telehealth appointments arranged to their home computers
  • No PFTs, labs, chest x-rays

Paediatric & Adult Clinics:

St. John’s

  • All out-patient clinics are suspended
  • Urgent visits can be arranged by calling 709 777 4389 or emailing the Nurse Coordinator ( – please be sure to provide call-back details

***See Alberta Clinic Information

Adult Clinic:

Halifax - QEII Health Sciences Centre

  • The institution has asked to cancel all non-urgent Ambulatory Care clinic appointments for at least the next month [as of March 20, 2020]
  • Will be doing phone follow-up appointments to assess patient needs during this time
  • Avoiding bringing patients in for spirometry unless for post-lung transplant patients, or otherwise indicated
  • Blood collection labs are not closed at this time, just operating under reduced hours so we are mailing requisitions to patients if needed.

Paediatric Clinic:

Halifax - IWK Health Centre

  • Paediatric clinics have been cancelled until the end of April
  • The clinic has been scheduling conference calls to the families with all of the team; hoping to have Zoom up and running in the next week, to connect by video with families
  • No swabs or sputums, bloodwork or xrays will be collected during this period
  • The clinic is open for any urgent appointments

Adult Clinics:


  • Nurse Coordinator is sending mass emails to patients regularly
  • Currently contacting patients before their appointments and having telephone visits with most people

Ottawa - Ottawa General Hospital

  • Conducting physician-led telephone visits in the foreseeable future
  • Only emergency cases will be seen
  • The pft lab is closed for the moment

Toronto - St. Michael’s Hospital

  • Most in-person visits replaced with telephone consultations
  • Limited number of lung function tests taking place
  • Request that patients consult the website which is updated daily: 


The Regional Adult Hamilton Cystic Fibrosis Program is committed to providing ongoing care to our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. As per hospital and Public Health guidelines, we will continue to practice social distancing but continue to run routine clinics via phone/OTN with one of the CF consultants.  For patients who are not feeling well and/or may require adjustments in their treatments, we will be seeing patients periodically in the Boris Clinic, McMaster University Medical Centre.  

However, if you think you may have symptoms secondary to COVID-19, please be aware that we are currently not doing any testing in clinic or hospital.  We certainly can provide information and/or answers to questions over the phone but we would ask you to contact Public Health for further details and/or procedures in terms of screening/testing for COVID-19.


  • The Adult Clinic is conducting physician-led telephone or eVisits at this time. You will be contacted prior to clinic to arrange a time
  • Clinic Contact info: 
    • Tues-Thurs: Lisa Smith RN  613-544-3400 ext 3147
    • Mondays:  Kim (Dr Lougheed’s office) 613-548-2348
    • Fridays: Dr Lougheed via KHSC switchboard  613-548-3232
    • After hours:  Respirologist /Fellow on call via KHSC switchboard  613-548-3232
  • The PFT lab is currently closed for routine appointments.
  • Families are asked to please call the clinic if their phone numbers or contact information have changed since their last visit.

Information regarding COVID-19 procedures at KHSC are available at

Paediatric Clinics:


  • Clinics cancelled for the next 8 weeks [as of March 20, 2020]
  • Some phone consultations
  • Nurse’s e-mail absence alert and voice-mail messages provide details; updated as necessary
  • Will see patients with urgent issues; can also bypass the Emergency Department if an admission is necessary for pulmonary exacerbation

Ottawa - Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

  • Non-urgent out-patient clinic appointments have been cancelled until the end of May.
  • Physicians can do telephone appointments; virtual appointments coming soon. 
  • Currently, the Nurse is still available 3 days a week (usual RN coverage)
  • Limited drive-through services


  • Doing telephone appointments; in process of implementing virtual appointments
  • Clinics are being converted to telephone visits at the present time, and measures for medication orders are in place.  Patients are being contacted to provide consent for this process and appointments will follow.
  • Clinics in April and May are being converted to virtual visits at this time in the interest of keeping patients away from the hospital.
  • Are in close contact with newly-diagnosed babies 
  • Urgent issues will be addressed and the clinic office is open for calls: 905-521-2100 extension 73086
  • Families are asked to please call the clinic if their phone numbers or contact information have changed since their last visit.

Kitchener - Grand River Hospital

  • Paediatric clinics cancelled for the next 8 weeks [as if March 20, 2020]
  • Nurse Coordinator and paediatricians accessible


  • The paediatric CF clinic is moving to eVisits through OTN as appropriate for the next few weeks; the clinic will contact families prior to clinic to arrange.
  • To contact the clinic, families may call Valerie McCaugherty (613-544-3400 x3359) 0800-0400 Mon-Fri, or the Pediatric CF Physician on-call through KGH switchboard (613-548-3232).
  • Information regarding COVID19 procedures at KHSC are available at


  • Clinics are continuing as is for the time being
  • If clinics close, services will either move to another site away from the hospital, or urgent matters may be seen by the physician in the clinic
  • virtual/phone will be available as well


  • In-person clinics cancelled until further notice (families have already been contacted about this)
  • Clinic Director will be contacting the families by phone and doing phone visits; can also be contacted through her office
  • Clinic team members will also be available by phone

Toronto - The Hospital for Sick Children

  • Clinics are not cancelled, but most are being moved to virtual visits via OTN or phone calls
  • Some patients are still being seen – the clinic team reviews the clinic list together, to plan who needs to be seen and when, to minimize visits to the hospital
  • The clinic nurses are still answering phone calls, emails and mychart messages and following up as they normally would with plans for treatment, follow up, etc.
  • Sick patients will be admitted to a different unit where they can be screened appropriately and isolated until COVID-19 testing results come back
  • Most elective procedures have been cancelled/on hold for now

***See Nova Scotia Clinic Information

Paediatric Clinic:

Quebec City

  • If you have symptoms or questions, we are redirecting our patients to call 1-877-644-4545, which now replaces 811
  • For more information on COVID-19 please visit the CHU de Quebec website: 
  • If you have questions that are not COVID-19 related, the clinic is more than happy to help.
  • Please note, due to a high volume of calls and emails, there may be a delay with responses


Adult Clinic:

Quebec City

  • Telephone interviews and avoid having to move patients to the hospital, following pulmonologist analysis, except for those who absolutely require tests such as pulmonary X-ray or capillary gas.


  • If you have symptoms or questions, we are redirecting our patients to call 1-877-644-4545, which now replaces 811
  • For more information on COVID-19, please visit the CISSS BSL website:
  • Clinic visits will be organized in the form of a virtual visit (with video) and/ or a telephone call to avoid trips to the hopsital. Patients will have the opprotunity to speak with the usual clinc staff. 
  • Clinic staff are avaliable by phone or email

Adult Clinic:

Saskatoon - Royal University Hospital

  • Looking into video conferencing for the next clinics
  • Using phone follow up for those who are being monitored closely
  • Bloodwork/PFTs/lab work cancelled at this time 

Paediatric Clinic:

Regina - Regina General Hospital

  • CF clinics have been cancelled until further notice
  • Families are asked to contact the Nurse Coordinator as necessary or the physician

Saskatoon - Royal University Hospital

  • Clinics cancelled for the next few weeks
  • Will see patients on an urgent basis if needed off-site
  • Making phone calls (and will be able to start virtual appointments soon)
  • Infants are still getting Synagis and weights off-site, but not currently doing swabs for well patients
  • Keeping families informed about clinic information via email per our chapter/clinic liaison, and also refer patients to the Sask Health website for the constant updates
  • No changes to Nurse Coordinator’s phone/e-mail – these are being checked remotely

***See British Columbia Clinic Information

Updated: April 16, 2020