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A special evening to recognize the involvement of our exceptional Montreal partners and volunteers

On June 15, the Montreal region’s recognition committee honoured the accomplishments of its partners and volunteers with special certificates and recognition awards. The purpose of the event was to sincerely thank the exceptional individuals or groups for their constant support and commitment to the cystic fibrosis cause. Some 70 recipients and their friends and family attended the special evening at the Smith House in Montreal.

Special certificates for long-term partners

Two certificates were awarded by the recognition committee to express their deep gratitude to those who supported cystic fibrosis in their own way.

The constant support offered by the école Hélène-Boullé for the Halloween Piggybank activity raised more than $12,000 over the past decade.

Under the direction of patriarch Jean-Guy Beauchamp, the entire Beauchamp family oversaw the orderly process of national walks in Montreal and ensured the “culinary” satisfaction of the walkers for over 20 years.

Recognition awards for honourable volunteers

Recognition awards also highlighted specific distinctions.

The recipients gathered at the Smith House  for the Montreal recognition awards evening on June 15, 2016.

The recipients gathered at the Smith House
for the Montreal recognition awards evening on June 15, 2016.

Éloïse and Sandrine Lefrançois received the Youth Award for their support in the CARSTAR Walk and the Halloween Piggybanks. They also received a distinction for the oral presentations they gave to every class in their school on the subject of cystic fibrosis in support of their sister who lives with the disease.

Michel Ferland received the Karine Ménard-Dion CF Person Award for his exceptional dedication in photography at various benefits as well as the promotion of organ donation and our cause, which he supports generously.

Karine Caux and François Cardin, whose daughter has CF, received the Organizers Emeritus Award for their bowl-a-thon, which brings in $4,000 annually for research.

Johanne Bouchard received the Collaborator Emeritus Award as a Montreal walk volunteer and leader in organizing a bowl-a-thon which raised over $10,000 in three years.

Fabien Gagnon and Andrée Marin were respectively named Volunteers Emeritus. Over the past 4 years, Mr. Gagnon has worked as a volunteer and manager of the CARSTAR Walk route. He also helped with the Longueil thrift shop. Ms. Marin provided assistance in office duties, direct mail campaigns, counting the piggybanks, school recruitment calls, and attended many bowling evenings and CARSTAR Walks.

Gisèle Lenard was named Recruit of the Year for the sponsorship plan she presented for all Quebec CARSTAR Walks and for her work at the Longueil thrift shop. Jenny Lalancette received the same award, for the communications she established with the teams registered into the CARSTAR Walk, as well as her undeniable support at the thrift shop and at this recognition event.

Guy Robert, photographer present at the CARSTAR Walk, recognition events, Waiter-for-an-Evening and many other events, was given an award for his exceptional services.

Jean-François Déry, manager of Quilles G-Plus Repentigny, was named Corporate Partner/Gold Seal par excellence for organizing a number of fundraisers over the past several years. He also took part in many events to support the cause.

Finally, two certificated were awarded to Murielle Langlois and Jennifer Landry. Ms. Langlois has been working as the secretary-receptionist at Cystic Fibrosis Quebec for 11 years, and is also an excellent friend, confidante, and psychologist. She is the Montreal office’s RAM and CF encyclopedia. Congratulations to Dr. Landry for her knowledge about this disease, her thirst for knowledge and desire to learn. She is a walking medical dictionary.