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Low-Key Hangout Ideas When you Have CF

Do you ever experience the fear of missing out? It’s easy to want to do it all; school, work, friends, hobbies, family etc. But when managing your health is the number one priority, sometimes it’s best to take it easy.

We spoke to our CF community about the best ways to take it easy and still be social; here’s what they had to say:

  1. “Being social is hard with CF, especially when you’re young and should be out on the town every night. But let’s be real, the truth of the matter is more often than not we do not feel well enough to be out all night and to expose ourselves to the colds and flus festering out there. I love having friends over and playing Cards Against Humanity, or having a movie marathon and eating snacks…life doesn’t always need to go 1000 miles a minute, sometimes the best parts in life are those you spend at home with the ones you love. If you surround yourself with good people, good food and share some laughs…those are the best memories.”
    – Meaghan MacRury
  2. “When I can’t hang out with my friends because of CF, I usually FaceTime them and we can spend hours of talking on FaceTime.”
    – Emma Fontaine
  3. “Lately, two other friends and I will get together at one of our houses maybe once a month but it’s casual and we do it whenever were all able to find a common time. We usually have a little snack and watch a movie or chat. Very low key.
    – Jess Best
  4. “Getting together with girlfriends to watch funny movies is one of my favourite things to do when I’m sick and don’t have a lot of energy. It allows me to forget about CF and being sick, it lifts my spirits and I always get a good cough in there from all the laughing that goes on.”
    – Kim Wood
  5. “I enjoy hanging with my family and don’t typically reach out to hang out with friends when my energy is low. I’m normally the most spirited one in a social gathering so when my energy is low, I don’t ‘hang out’.”
    – Timothy Vallillee
  6. “A great relaxing idea for me would be a wine a pizza night at home with good friends. Can have the pizza delivered and each friend can bring a wine they really like!”
    – Mackenzie Norris
  7. “Having friends over to your place is always good, because if you’re exhausted then you don’t have to put in the energy to travel elsewhere. Also, I personally love going to the movies with friends, grabbing low-key drinks and appetizers, and going out for dinner (or making it with friends). These are all activities that are fun and social, but not physically draining.”
    – Abby McFee
  8. “A great idea for when you want to be social but don’t have much energy is to join or create a long-distance (or online) book club – this way, you can spend time relaxing and enjoying a book on your own, but you also have an opportunity to discuss it with others and get introduced to new books as well, all without having to leave home.”
    – Terra Stephenson

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