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Registry Facts: Part 2

Having launched our 2014 Canadian CF Registry Annual Report this past summer, we’re going to continue sharing some of the data highlights with you this fall.

The Registry demonstrates our enhanced focus on leading in quality improvement and excelling in CF care, and ultimately moves us closer to our goal of establishing national standards for CF care and treatment.


There were 120 new diagnoses made in 2014: 52 were through newborn screening. The importance of newborn screening is not only fundamental to diagnoses, but also for overall health. Read more in our recent study here:


Almost 30% of female adults & almost 20% of male adults with cystic fibrosis are classified as underweight. This is tracked by calculating Body Mass Index (BMI). However, in the last 25 years, median BMI has been steadily rising within the CF population and can be attributed to the decline in individuals considered malnourished.


Almost 60% of children with cystic fibrosis are under the national goal of 50th BMI percentile. BMI percentiles have been increasing over time for both males and females; however BMI percentiles for females have risen at a faster rate than males since 1989.


33 CF patients received transplants in 2014. While these were primarily lung transplants, individuals who received other combinations (e.g. lung-liver, liver, heart-lung) are also included in the total.

24% of all CF patients have CF-related diabetes, and 40% of these individuals are 35 years of age or over. This shows that the prevalence of CFRD increases with age.

You can read the full report online by clicking the image below: