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Shinerama: Top Fundraising Tips

Shine Day may be the biggest fundraising day of Shinerama, but the months leading up to it are crucial if you’d like to reach (or even exceed) your fundraising goal. To help you knock it out of the park, we’ve put together this handy fundraising guide.

Why fundraise throughout the summer?

  • Any funds you raise will count toward your grand total and help you surpass your goal
  • Any fundraiser promotes Shine Day and raises awareness about cystic fibrosis (CF), leading to a more successful Shine Day
  • Your Shiners will remain engaged over the summer and be even more amped up for Shine Day
  • Fundraisers are just SO much fun


We pulled our favourite ideas from our list of 90 promotional ideas for Shinerama to help inspire you:

  • Hold a BBQ: local stores will often let you hold a BBQ in their parking lot for maximum exposure and might even be willing to cut you a deal on supplies.
  • Car washes: who doesn’t want a clean car in the summer? All you need is good weather, volunteers, some soap and a location. These tend to offer great ROI.
  • Charge cover at bars: some bars charge cover and if you work the door they might let you keep a portion or even let you hold a themed night and give you a percentage of the total sales.


Allow donors to take immediate action

You’ll raise the most funds at your fundraisers if you make sure it’s always easy for somebody to donate on-the-spot. If somebody doesn’t have change on them but still wants to help, try some of these ideas:

  • Hand out cards directing them to, where donating is quick and straightforward. They can choose the school they donate to, meaning it’ll count toward your grand total

Don’t limit yourself to the ideas given above. Some of our best fundraisers started out as ideas that we were sure were too crazy. Your Campaign Advisor is always available to hear your ideas or requests.