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Wrapping for a Cure 2020 - Regina
Dec 10 - 24th Various times

About our event: We will be set up in a storefront beside Ardene's in Victoria Square Mall. People will come and drop off gifts to be wrapped for a donation. We will intake those gifts, wrap them (all supplies will be provided) and place them in a basket for collection. The person will come back and receive their gifts.

Sign up for time slots are on a first come, first serve basis so please register early if you are looking for a specific date/time.

We have put a number of policies in place because of COVID, please see them below.


• All volunteers MUST wear a mask when gift wrapping. NO CHILDREN under the age of 12 can volunteer.

• You MUST register the number of people volunteering for each shift. We have a maximum number of people in each gift wrap store to allow for social distancing.

• All gift wrap stations will be 6 feet apart. Antiseptic spray or wipes will be on all gift wrap stations for volunteers to wipe down supplies and station before and after each shift.

• There will be a 15-minute overlap between shifts to allow our volunteers time to sanitize their station before switching with another volunteer. There will also be clearly marked 6-feet lines for customers to line-up safely outside the gift wrap store.

• COVID-19 waivers will be emailed before each shift. Volunteers must electronically sign them before every shift and attest to no symptoms in order to volunteer.

• Only 1 volunteer will be allowed to gift wrap out of each basket. There will be no sharing of gifts unless you are part of the same cohort.

• Once gifts are wrapped, they will be placed in a labelled basket. Once all the gifts are wrapped, the volunteer can hold out the basket and the customer can grab their bag of gifts, minimizing touch points. After gifts are received, the basket will be sanitized before being used again.

Canceling a shift
If you are unable to cover your shift or someone in your group can’t make it, please login and remove your name(s) from the shift ASAP and contact one of the Volunteer leads.  Call Rita (306) 540-2908 or Nichole (306) 529-9352 ASAP.

Cystic Fibrosis Wrappers
If you or somebody you are bringing for your shift has cystic fibrosis please contact the CFC office (306) 250-7750 to ensure there are no other people with CF wrapping with you. There are Cystic Fibrosis Canada infection control policies and we will only be able to have 1 person with CF per day volunteering for our event. Please click here to see policy.

View wrapping information sheets here - Page 1, Page 2

If you are interested in wrapping, please click here to sign up yourself or your group for a time slot.

PLEASE NOTE - you must be 18+ years old to book shifts.  If you are bringing a friend (or two) with you, you must select as many shifts as the number of people in your party.  If you are able to, PLEASE consider signing up for multiple shifts on the same day or do varying shifts over multiple days.

Thank you for your support!

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