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How to Take Action

You’re ready to take action! Thank you for joining the fight for access to life-saving cystic fibrosis treatments in Canada. 

actions You can take right now

We need your help to tell provincial elected officials that Canadians living with cystic fibrosis can’t continue to wait. You can take action in any of these ways: 

toolkit: advocating for access to life-saving medicines

The purpose of this Take Action Toolkit is to provide members of the CF community with strategies, resources and informative messaging to help them execute various advocacy initiatives. The Take Action Toolkit provides necessary material needed to be active in both government and media relations. Here you’ll find resources for arranging meetings with elected officials, briefing notes for attending meetings and guidelines to prepare. Community members may also use creative material for social media posts and tips for traditional media pitching.

If you have any questions about the Take Action Toolkit please contact advocacy@cysticfibrosis.ca

take action toolkit:

Download these advocacy tools and use them for meetings with members of provincial Parliaments. 

Toolkit Introduction: 

These tools provide messaging and tips you can use to spread the message further.

Creative tools you can download and use:

Download these creative assets to use on your social media.

Visual tools:

Last updated December 2020

As always, we are here to help. Contact us at advocacy@cysticfibrosis.ca or 1-800-378-2233.

 #CFCANTWAIT Hashtag Wall


Share your story using #CFcantwait and it will be featured on our new hashtag wall.

Thank you for supporting Canadians living with cystic fibrosis!