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Cystic fibrosis occurs when a child inherits two defective copies of the gene responsible for cystic fibrosis (one from each parent). Over 2,000 different mutations of the CF gene Over 4,300 Canadian children, adolescents and adults have CF
Upcoming Events
May 22, 2021
2nd Annual 12 Hour Sing-a-thon
The 2nd Annual 12 Hour Sing-a-thon for Cystic Fibrosis featuring Musical Artists with a CF connection helping to raise valuable research dollars to END CF!
Hosted by Timothy V
Last year we raised over $5000!
What will we achieve this year?
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May 30, 2021
2021 Virtual Walk to Make CF History- Toronto District

Join us virtually for the 2021 Walk to Make Cystic Fibrosis History!

*See event listing for more details on the Toronto & District Walks*

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CF Champions
Age 18, Charlottetown (PEI)

Cameron Davis was given the ultimate opportunity. He was selected out of hundreds of athletes to carry the flag for P.E.I at the 2019 Canada Winter Games opening ceremony that took place in Red Deer, Alberta.

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