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#CFCantWait Campaign

We’re calling on provincial governments to cut the red tape and make CF drugs available for everyone who needs them. We need your help to end the wait!

The ‘miracle drug’ Trikafta, that could change the lives of 90% of the Canadian CF population, could soon be tied up in the same red tape that is delaying access to other life-changing CF drugs. Transformational CF medicines Kalydeco and Orkambi have been sitting with provincial governments for years while Canadians with cystic fibrosis wait, becoming sicker without access. People have died waiting.

These life-changing CF drugs are available in other countries around the world, but not here in Canada. Trikafta was fast-tracked for access by the U.S Federal Drug Agency (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). To date Trikafta has received regulatory approval in 35 countries and is publicly covered in nine countries so far. Yet, Canadians continue to wait.

Sign the #CFCantWait petition button

You can help make life-saving CF medications available now. Sign the #CFCantWait petition and send a letter to your provincial elected official and join our #CFcantwait Provincial Meeting Challenge. Tell your province to cut the red tape and end the wait!