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Community Stories

Christopher Beausoleil
Age 27, Tilbury, Ontario

Christopher Beausoleil doesn’t let cystic fibrosis stand in his way. After being diagnosed at age five, he decided that cystic fibrosis wouldn’t take control of his life and he continues to win the battle every day.

“When you have a life-threatening illness, you can let fear overtake your life or you overcome fear and fight back with every bone in your body. I chose to be in control of CF,” says Christopher. “The hospital stays, the hours of treatments and everything else that goes along with managing cystic fibrosis can take a toll on your emotional stamina, but I don’t let CF stop me from achieving my goals.”

As a teenager and young adult Christopher has shared his story by speaking publicly on multiple occasions across Ontario and at national events to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis.

“Through teamwork I can accomplish anything really as long as I have people with me trying to work towards the same goal. I have played numerous sports, coached hockey and soccer, and joined my local Kinsmen Club in Tilbury. In all, it has made me a better person”, says Christopher.

Recognized on many occasions for his bravery and courage in setting goals for the future and for being an exceptional leader, Christopher has won multiple awards including: The Youth Leadership Award from the Canadian Urban Institute, the Canadian Top 20 Under 20 Award, the Bill Eansor Award from the University of Windsor Alumni Association and the Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, to name just a few of his accolades. Christopher has also been recognized for his outstanding commitment to the CF cause by Cystic Fibrosis Canada and has been honoured with the Summerhayes Award and the Celine Award.

“Chris’s greatest talent is his resilience, his ability to move forward when CF is pushing him back. He has inspired thousands of people, yet is most humble about that,” says Christopher’s parents – Marc and Anne-Marie.

“I am now 27 and the fact that I am still here, and the median survival age for Canadians with CF has lengthened to 49.7 years of age, is testament to an improvement in treatment, drugs and research.”

Christopher is a role model for those living with cystic fibrosis, as well as an inspiration to all youth, demonstrating that anything is possible.

Christopher and his family have strong faith in the progress that CF research continues to make and their hope for the future lies in knowing that a cure or control for the disease might just be around the corner.