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Statement from Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s Healthcare Advisory Committee Regarding the 2022 Cold and Flu Season

November 22, 2022

Last updated: November 23, 2022

This winter, provinces and territories across Canada are dealing with a trio of viral infections caused by influenza (flu) respiratory interstitial virus (RSV)  and coronavirus (COVID-19).

It is important to note that while these viruses can cause infections and trigger worsening of respiratory symptoms (pulmonary exacerbations) in children with cystic fibrosis (CF), there is no evidence that children with CF are getting sicker with these current viral infections this year than in the past.

The best way to protect children with cystic fibrosis is for them (and family members) to get their yearly flu shot and COVID-19 vaccines. Mask wearing and practicing proper hand washing is also an effective way to protect against these infections. We encourage you to watch and follow public health guidelines. 

If your child does become unwell with increasing cough, lethargy and fever, contact your cystic fibrosis care provider or clinic. In some areas, the anti-viral agent Ostelamivir (Tamiflu) may be prescribed to an individual under certain conditions if within the first 48 hours of an influenza proven or influenza like illness, and if the individual has not received their annual influenza immunization.

If your child has symptoms and seems to improve and then restarts with a new fever, this may be due to a secondary bacterial infection and it's important that you again contact your CF care provider or clinic.

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