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Ontario Election Campaign

Cystic Fibrosis Canada is continuing to fight for access to life changing medicines in Ontario by launching the #CFCantWait Ontario Election Campaign. We’re running this provincial advocacy initiative together with the incredible Ontario volunteers in our National Advocacy Network and CF community.

Our goal is for Ontario cystic fibrosis community members to meet with as many Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) as possible in the lead up to the provincial election (scheduled for June 2, 2022). We are calling on MPPs to commit to publicly fund CF modulators without restrictions for all who need them, including Trikafta for those aged 6+, which is expected to be approved by Health Canada in April 2022.

Your help is needed now!

We’re calling on Ontarians to help advocate for accelerated and affordable access to life-changing CF drugs now. Anyone can participate and be a part of this important and urgent movement.

Throughout the duration of this campaign, Cystic Fibrosis Canada is providing tools, templates, resources and support to equip CF community members to meet with their MPPs in Ontario and to spread our message: #CFcantwait!

How do you take part in the challenge? It’s simple – to join the #CFCantWait Ontario Election Campaign, you can simply arrange and attend a meeting with your MPP. In the meeting you will share your story and use the tools Cystic Fibrosis Canada has provided here to tell your elected official about the challenges Ontarians with cystic fibrosis face when trying to access modulators, and to ask them to make a commitment to improve access to modulators in the province.

A meeting with an elected official is a powerful way to educate a government decision maker on key issues and create a long-term champion who can help influence change. If you’ve never had a meeting with an elected official, we can help.

Please contact to find out more.

How to get involved

Download the documents below. They have all the information you need to arrange and hold a meeting with your MPP.

**Candidate materials coming soon**

Toolkit for advocates

Briefing kit for elected officials


To launch the #CFCantWait Ontario Election Campaign, we hosted a webinar on March 1, 2022, that provided an update on the political climate in Ontario, and an overview of the pre-election toolkit and resources that you can use to meet with your MPP.

In this webinar, CF community advocates and Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s government relations experts from Hill + Knowlton Strategies talked about how to get started, best practices in building rapport and how a simple meeting can trigger many more helpful conversations and support.

You can also watch these two webinars, which provide tips on how to share your personal story and engage with elected officials:

Personal Story Telling

Engaging with elected officials

After your meeting 

When you’ve completed an action with your MPP, be sure to report back using our simple online form. Make sure your meeting is counted as we track progress towards our goal of meeting with every MPP Ontario!!

Thank you for taking an important step to help change the cystic fibrosis story in Ontario! With your help, we are calling on government to cut the red tape preventing Ontarians with cystic fibrosis from getting the life-changing drugs they need. . . We won’t stop until it’s done. #CFcantwait


Want to go further? Here are a few more ways that you can stay informed and take even more actions to help make a difference for the cystic fibrosis community: