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Community Stories

Patrick Kellar
Age 27, Peterborough, Ontario

Patrick is an inspiring, motivated individual that doesn’t let cystic fibrosis (CF) stand in his way of being successful. Diagnosed with CF at birth, Patrick has only looked at the positive side of things, often telling others that “It could be worse!”

Patrick works at the Catholic School Board in Peterborough, ON as the Operations Support Specialist. Everyone that has worked with and works with Patrick now has only amazing things to say about him. His calm, friendly and motivated attitude makes him easy to work with and your "go-to-guy" when you need anything. 

What people don’t know is what goes on behind the scenes - cycles of antibiotics; taking many pills daily; vitamins; enzymes; antibiotics; etc, the treatments multiple times per day as well as physiotherapy, the long drives to and from clinic appointments and how dreadful and scary it can be when you’re admitted to the hospital. No one knows how emotional it can be for him. But because of the positive energy that Patrick has on EVERYTHING overpowers any negative thoughts that would try to bring him down.