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Meet Lisa Burechails: Chair of the Kin-CF Liaison Committee

Throughout Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s 57-year partnership with Kin Canada, Kin members from across the country have raised and donated nearly $50 million to support our mission.  A driving force of these incredible milestones is the Kin-CF Canada Liaison Committee. The committee consists of District Service Directors from all eight Kin Districts, the National Service Director and the Kin-CF Chair. This dedicated committee leads the CF Canada fundraising efforts for Kin Canada and, continues to work with their Districts to spread awareness about cystic fibrosis in their communities, all while raising funds for CF Canada towards the goal of a cure.

Lisa Burechails is taking over as Chair of the Kin-CF Liaison Committee, from previous Chair, Dustyn Pumfrey:

“I’ve had the tremendous pleasure of serving as the Chair of the Kin-CF Liaison Committee for these past two years. When I embarked on my term as Kin-CF Chair I could not have imagined the pandemic on the horizon and challenges it would present us. We had plans that had to be changed and goals that had to be adjusted. But our association ever wavered. I immensely proud of our members and clubs for the many ways they have continued to support our partnership with CF Canada these past few years. It is my honour and pleasure to welcome a good friend and amazing kin, Lisa Burechails of District 1, as the new Chair of the Kin-CF Liaison Committee. I know that Lisa will continue to do great things and our association will go Further for Canadians with CF!”

 – Dustyn Pumfrey, previous Chair of the Kin-CF Liaison Committee

Cystic Fibrosis Canada thanks Dustyn Pumfrey for his fantastic dedication and leadership as Kin-CF Chair 2019-21!

Meet Lisa!

How long have you been a Kin member? What club do you hail from?

I have been a member of the Beaver Valley Kinette Club (District 1) since 2002.  

What is your role within Kin?

Within my own club I am the Treasurer, I have held every position in the club and moved outside of the club by being Deputy Governor and then Coordinator for the Executive Team and two years ago CF Service Director.

What is the best part of being a Kin club member?

Having been a Kin wife and being alongside my husband, I saw how much fun it was and the difference that Kin Canada was making in our community; they built a jungle gym for the community (raised funds for it and then physically built it themselves) and donated funds to the local hockey arena and held a charity hockey game. When they decided to recharter a Kinette club and I was asked if I wanted to be a member, it was easy to say yes!  It is giving back to my community all the while having fun.

What does the 57-year partnership between Kin Canada and Cystic Fibrosis Canada mean to you?

I remember the Speak Off competition in 2019, Andrew from District 8 presented on the cystic fibrosis milestones from the start of the CF Canada-Kin Canada partnership to now. When you hear what has happened throughout the years, Kaiden’s Care Kit, Kalydeco to now Trikafta, it’s incredible. My daughter is also a Kinette member and has watched me over the years, with my involvement in Kin Canada and CF Canada, and when she saw the movie Five Feet Apart, she called me, saying, “I get it now, mom”. This is why, I’m not just doing this because there’s nothing else do to, there is a reason, we are doing this because we can make a difference.

Why do you think it’s important to support CF Canada?

Seeing the passion from the moms and dads and others impacted by cystic fibrosis is so inspiring. Also seeing that the median age of survival for a person born with CF has increased year over year – it’s an opportunity to make a real difference. The people in this community are incredible. 

What does going Further mean to you?

For one, putting my hand up and volunteering for this position means going Further. Being a Kin member has helped me grow as a person, before Kin, I was never the one to put my hand up first. Now, I have more confidence to do the things I know I can accomplish and to do more to help. I want to continue going Further for Canadians with CF, through my position as Chair of the Kin-CF Liaison Committee.

What has been the greatest highlight of supporting CF Canada for you?

There are two memories that make my heart soar. The first waswhen we did our weekend training in Toronto, we went to The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) for a tour. They showed us around the lab, and we had our red Kin Canada jackets on, someone noticed and said:

 “Are you from Kin Canada?  I am a doctor here and I can’t thank you enough for what Kin Canada has done for cystic fibrosis research.”

The second memory I have was at Casino Rama in Ontario and we had a Friday the 13th (Kin event) shirt on. Someone came up to our group and asked if we were with Kin Canada and then said:

 “My niece has CF, Kin has done SO MUCH for her. Thank you.”

It’s those moments where we feel we are truly making a difference.