Patricia’s Story

Patricia holding up a photo of herself and young Mac.

NOVEMBER 23, 2023

Often the first thing people will say about my son MacKenzie is that he was so kind and polite – one of the nicest people they knew. He didn’t judge people, and he looked out for everyone equally. He loved to entertain. Everyone was welcome at Mac’s table, as long as you were kind and respectful. And if you weren’t, well… he kept a naughty list on his fridge. 😉

Mac was kind, funny, and fearless. He was an amazing artist. He had a quiet sort of wisdom, even at an early age, and he always seemed to have the best advice – for me, and for his friends. I really miss that – Mac’s advice. He was my guiding light.

Mackenzie wearing a jacket outside and staring off into the distance.

The struggles started in high school, when thick mucus created painful blockages in Mac’s intestines. He’d come home and lie on the cold floor because nothing else helped. He lost jobs and dropped out of college because his bosses and professors accused him of being lazy, and eventually he stopped trying. He said that if no one else cared, why should he?

I never want another person living with CF to feel that way. So when I think of my hope for the future, my biggest is this: that one day, everyone living with CF will feel like they matter. They’ll have access to the treatments they need and mental and emotional supports that leave them feeling heard and cared for. They’ll have a chance to pursue their passions, start families, and grow into old age. 

I miss Mac terribly – especially now, during the holiday season. Mac loved Christmas. We always made a big deal of decorating night, and his job was constructing a Christmas village that he spent hours on until everything was perfect. I still have all the boxes, but I can’t bring myself to unpack them. Perhaps some day I will. 

My hope for the future is that one day, all young adults with CF WILL feel whole. They’ll have the chance to pursue their dreams, and they’ll amaze us with all they accomplish. I have already seen how far we’ve come, but there are still so many who need us to keep going. 

That’s why your donation to Cystic FIbrosis Canada matters. So that one day, our children will be able to thrive and to grow old. I wanted that one day to come years ago. But the next best thing would be to have that one day NOW.

Please make a gift to Cystic Fibrosis Canada. Thanks to a generous donor, every contribution will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $150,000, until December 31.  Give today and double your impact!

Patricia Vollick