SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE: Final Few Days to Transform Lives Through Research

Jean and Kayla holding up wrapped gifts at a Cystic Fibrosis Canada fundraising event.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

This blog post was written by Jean, an aunt whose hope has been reignited thanks to cystic fibrosis (CF) research. Throughout the post, you will also find quotes from donors who have already supported the September Challenge. We asked them to answer the question, “Why is funding CF research important to you? 

Cystic fibrosis is more than just a medical term for my family; it’s a part of our daily reality. My name is Jean, and I’ve been married to Jesse for 30 glorious years. We’re blessed with daughters, four grandchildren, and a close-knit family. Family means everything to us, and when my niece Kayla was diagnosed with CF at just 6 weeks old, our world was rocked to its core.

Do you remember a moment so significant you knew it would shape your life forever? That’s how I felt when I first heard about Kayla’s diagnosis. At that point, we knew next to nothing about CF. “What can we do to help?” was my immediate question. “There has to be a cure, right?” I was wrong—there was no cure, only a life expectancy that felt like a deadline: 21.5 years. But that number wasn’t going to define Kayla’s life—not if we had anything to say about it.

The Power of Hope and Research

Fast forward to today, it’s 2023 and hope reigns supreme in our family. Kayla is 25, employed full-time, and she’s even getting married! This incredible transformation was only possible because of one word: research. Not just any research, but research funded by generous souls like you. 

“I supported the September Challenge because my bestie from high school has CF. He’s had a double lung transplant and his quality of life has improved with new treatments, but he still has a disease that could kill him one day and that breaks my heart into pieces.”

Phillip M.

Yes, we have hope today, and it’s thanks to significant advancements in CF research. You’ve probably heard of Trikafta, often dubbed the “miracle drug.” When Kayla began her treatment with this drug, she started playing touch football, something we never dreamed would be possible. And guess what? She ran like the wind and looked back at us, shouting, “Hey Uncle Jesse, look at me! I’m running; I’m really running!” There wasn’t a dry eye in the stands; we knew Trikafta was changing her life.

“A former student of mine died of C.F. She was magnificent, it was a tragedy.”

Mary Jane C.

Every Dollar Counts

You may wonder where your contributions are going. Let me tell you, you are funding research that is saving and changing lives. My family is proof. When you donate to the September Challenge, you are helping meet an urgent need to fund a research lab in Canada right now. 

How do I know this? Look at Kayla’s life. Look at her transformation. That is your donation at work.

“Our son,  Marc, age 55, is taking Trikafta. It has changed his life such that he celebrates the first day he started the new drug as his second birthday! We are among the fortunate parents whose children are helped by trikafta. Our hope is that one day all CF kids will be able to use this one day. It is research that can make this happen.”


The Final Countdown: Will We Meet our Goal?

Now, here’s the urgency. We’ve been campaigning to raise $30,000 in 30 days to fund a CF research lab in Canada for the next four months. We’re just a few days away from our deadline, and we’re about $10,000 short.

But here’s the silver lining: when communities pull together, miracles happen. We’ve seen it with Kayla, and we can make it happen again for countless others. We’re so close to funding another four months of potentially life-altering research. Are you in?

So, with just a few days left, let’s make these miracles happen, not just for Kayla but for every Canadian with CF waiting for their turn to run freely. Don’t let the research stop. Don’t let the hope fade away.

Click here to donate and bring us closer to our goal.

Your contribution matters more than you can imagine. We’re not just collecting funds; we’re collecting hope, life, and miracles. 

Together, we can do this.

Jean and family.