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Trikafta is coming to NWT and NIHB

Special CF Canada Bulletin: Northwest Territories and NIHB to fund Trikafta

We’re pleased to share that the Government of Northwest Territories has announced it will fund Trikafta for eligible people living with cystic fibrosis.

Further great news is that the federal Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program has added Trikafta to the formulary from November 1st, 2021. Coverage under the NIHB will provide access for registered and recognized First Nations and Inuit people across Canada.

We understand that Nunavut is working towards coverage of this life changing drug. Nova Scotia has committed to fund Trikafta and we hope to hear confirmation of their plans for coverage shortly. All other provinces and territories have announced funding.

When will access start and will there be criteria?

Access criteria has not been shared for any of the programs and we are seeking this information. Keep an eye on the Access to Trikafta by Location page on our website where we are posting details access information for provinces and territories as it becomes available.

Updates from other jurisdictions

While we take a moment to celebrate this great step forward for access to Trikafta, we do not lose sight of the fact that a funding announcement is only the first step. For many, there are additional and sometimes complex hoops to jump through to gain access to this life-changing drug. Cystic Fibrosis Canada is here to support you as best we can with navigating this red tape.

Keep an eye on our Access to Trikafta by location webpage as we regularly update this with information from the provinces and territories on their mechanisms to access.

We also hold bi-weekly #Trikafta Today briefings where we discuss the access issues people are coming up against and strategize ways to advocate for better access. The briefings are every second Wednesday at 1pm EST

No One Left Behind

Thanks to the hard work of this dedicated community nearly every jurisdiction in Canada has announced they will fund Trikafta. We understand Nunavut is working towards coverage and we are waiting for news from Nova Scotia on plans to list Trikafta. We have reached out to both governments to clarify their intentions.

Cystic Fibrosis Canada also continues to go further for those whom Trikafta will not benefit. You are never far from our minds. Research, clinical trials and improving access to healthcare is more important than ever to ensure every Canadian living with cystic fibrosis can live the longer and healthier lives they deserve. Cystic Fibrosis Canada will not stop going further, because we will leave no one behind.

Join our #TrikaftaToday Briefing

We invite you to join our #TrikaftaToday Briefing on Wednesday 10 November at 2pm AST/ 1pm EST / 12pm CST / 10am PT to celebrate this news and discuss next steps.

Ask your questions directly to the Ontario Ministry of Health

We invite Ontario residents to join us next Friday 12th November, at 10am EST for the Trillium Drug Program and Cystic Fibrosis Webinar. Cystic Fibrosis Canada has arranged this rare opportunity for Ontarians seeking more clarity on accessing Trikafta through the Trillium Drug Program.

The Ontario Ministry of Health will host the webinar to provide information on accessing Trikafta through the Trillium Drug Program and answer your questions. Advance registration is required. Registration closes Wednesday 10th November at 12pm EST.

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